TODAY'S DEBATE 14 November 2019

Is the War on Terror influenced by oil or financial motives, rather than simply national security issues?
    Read the evidence and then sign the petition to ask for an explanation from the American government.

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Is oil the key motive for the war against Iraq and Afghanistan? Is there a hidden agenda behind the "war on terrorism"? Read the evidence and decide for yourself.

Afghanistan... Check! AFGHANISTAN
The prime objective of the war on Afghanistan was supposedly to capture Osama bin Laden, the man allegedly responsible for the attacks on 11 September 2001, and destroy his militant "network", al-Qaeda. In reality, the US and UK launched a full scale military deployment to the region a few months before the attacks on America, and the allies began the invasion of Afghanistan a few weeks before 9/11. The true sequence of events is freely available to anybody who bothers to check the relevent media coverage or official records. The cause-effect relationship between the US/UK attacks on the Middle East and the retaliatory attacks of 9/11 has been reversed in the minds of the public by the greatest campaign of political and media propaganda in the history of Western democracy. Osama bin Laden was not found, al-Qaeda remains operational, and the Afghan warlords are as powerful as ever. The main benefit was the massive US-led oil pipeline project, planned since 1998, which was immediately approved by the new regime installed by the US government.

Iraq... Check! IRAQ
The official excuse for invading Iraq was to disarm Saddam Hussein, but there was literally no evidence whatsoever to suggest was developing or hiding weapons of mass destruction. The war started before the internationally approved process of UN inspections was completed. No weapons were found, and the only guaranteed result of the war was regime change. The US government had planned to invade Iraq since April 2001, six months before September 11th, and the officially stated motive was to improve Western access to Iraqi oil - the world's second largest supply. The only people to benefit to date are the executives of the US corporations that have assumed control of the most profitable industries and natural resources in the country, and the multi-millionaire US politicians affiliated with and in many cases financed by these companies. At least 10,000 civilians were killed by the attacks on Iraq, mainly women and children - more than three times the number killed on 9/11. Have we lost our sense of perspective?

Lebanon... LEBANON
Israel illegally occupied parts of this country until 2000 when Israeli forces were defeated by local resistance fighters. It is only a matter of time before Israel takes revenge. Israel, the US, the UK and other allies will eventually find a reason to extend their "war on terror" to Lebanon, where opponents of Israeli policy are known to exist among popular local grass-roots political organizations. Attacks on Syria and Iran will be easier with Lebanon suppressed, since Lebanon is the only land standing between Syria and the vast NATO military base on Cyprus.

Iran... IRAN
Sandwiched directly between Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran is now surrounded on either side by neighbours under US control. Iran holds one of the largest oil reserves on the planet, and as much as 40% of the world's natural gas. America has assembled a huge invasion force in the Middle East, large enough to conquer the entire region. The US and Israel claim that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, and supporting the resistance in Iraq. Iran has accused British agents of terror attacks in Iraq, and supporting anti-Iranian terrorist groups.

Syria... SYRIA
Syria is situated in a strategically important location, and upon a useful oil reserve. It is much smaller than Afghanistan, Iraq, or Iran, and will be comparatively easy to conquer. The US government accused the Syrian regime of assisting Iraq during the war, hiding members of the Iraqi regime, harbouring Iraqi weapons, and supporting the resistance in occupied post-war Iraq. It would make strategic sense to attack Syria before Iran because it is smaller and weaker. For now, Iraq must remain the main focus of military resources.

Who is next in the War on Terrorism. The next target in the war on terror. Which country is next after Iraq and Afghanistan? American war on Iran, Syria, North Korea, Saudi Arabia. Conquer the Middle East. War on Iraq - Oil? War in Afghanistan - Oil Pipeline? War against Syria - Evidence: Saddam Hussein Hiding in Syria? Invasion of Iran - Terrorism?

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